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Wisdom from the Gossip Crowd

Last week, Dan Klein had met with a group of students on a draft of his recent paper. During the discussion he had raised a question that all students with the love for liberty usually ask themselves , "How come I get it? How come all these other people I know get it, but the everyday citizen does not get it?" The "it" being government intervention within our personal lives being more harmful and not as efficient as the market.

Those in the room shared his agony with the question and for me coincided with the question, "Why does the battered wife not leave her beating husband?"

The solution was simple when I sat around a table with my cousins and my wife and heard a discussion of a guy who felt he owned the world going out with other girls and yet his girlfriend stays by him. When the remark was made that his girlfriend was stupid for staying by him, I heard the words that made me understand why people still don't get "it". "She believes …

The Need for Government or Anarchy?

Moral Man in an Immoral World

Mises had written, "There is a world of difference between a man who risks his life and property for a good cause and the man who sacrifices them without benefitting society in any way."

Now which should we believe that politicians fall under?
Which should economists fall under?

Mises picks up again with, "Everything that serves to preserve the social order is moral; everything that is detrimental to it is immoral."

Would most citizens view austrian economists as the first or the latter off of this statement?
and government?

Is then perception reality or just a faux pas?