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Why I am Proud to be Studying Economics at Mason.

In the April’s issue of The Southern Economic Journal there is an article in which you can find the ranking of 129 schools’ Economics-PhD programs in the United States. The article ranks George Mason University Economics in the 41st place in the overall ranking. (Not too shabby for a school that only a few know about, or know because of its success two years ago when the men’s basketball team made it to the NCAA Final Four). In specific categories Mason Economics rank very well. For example, 3rd in Methodology and History of Economic Thought, 9th in General Economics and Teaching, 11th in Law and Economics, and 25th in Microeconomics and Public Economics. This review is indeed great news for the faculty members at George Mason.It demonstrates that Mason is gaining momentum in the field of economics. However, I must stress what is missing in this review. I think that this review does not account for the opinions of student’s comments. A program of study can be great but couldn’…